Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Pier

For more go to 'portraits sketches' for Emma's previous art blog (blocked by twitter, hence creation of this new blog)

solo 18-7-18 oil/canvas 1mX80cm 
(from original lost/destroyed collaboration smaller painting '97)

(sci fi san francisco, iz that a formica sky atop ur tipi?)

my paranormally precious produkt...kanji kards kut up komunikation 4 beginnerz...

above paintings in corridor from the series 'tropics solo' (and other) south of france, oils on canvas, 2007 onwards - related series link to original series collaboration with porto rican artist jose luis vargas '97 brighton, italy, switzerland:

tropics collaboration 

emma's clay ear done age 13, may 1980 bishop kirk school, oxford uk

one of emma's current studios, summer 2017, south of france

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