Wednesday, September 21, 2016


dis officer iz smokin! but wot exactly? u got hiz number? 999=nein nein nein?!emergency?

CCC? centre culturel francois mitterrand now reads 'Cre Tue SR'? i met president mitterrand's sister (clone of him in a dress) in a supermarket in rambouillet circa'88 ... she had a drugged poodle half unconscious in her trolly ... i asked what was wrong with him, she said: 'oh, that's nothing, i drug him because he's young'


emma's family archive fotos:

 fire engin drawing c/o emma's uncle mick (featured in family fotos below) circa 1920s...geoffrey holister's chevrolet san diego number plate circa 1950s

emma's mum approx age 17 (1940s) with nina longthorpe (grandmother) kennington road 105, oxford (emma and then husband jose-luis vargas lived in bottom left 1991>>lots of anglo-portorican art done in this house!...see 'tropics collaboration' series for more)

below: emma's childhood house...this attic was my playpen when i was little, dressed up as a princess most often in this spooky zone

 above emma in DiY woolies, winter '16?

c'est pas des cuisses de poulet ca (du moins de cet angle la=A-side) c'est les cuisses d'Emma ...
faut juste embaucher (ou exchange equitable) iggy pop comme personal trainer pour ameliorer le B-side (en progres mais reste faible)

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